Red Dog Still Breaking Box Office Records

Red Dog Still Breaking Box Office Records

Director Kriv Stenders and Nelson Woss’s feel good family movie RED DOG chalked up yet another milestone as it passed the $20million mark at the Australian box office on the weekend. The film has won rave reviews from Australian critics and audiences.

Nominated for nine Inside Film Awards including best feature, best director, best actor and best actress, RED DOG is now the 8th largest Australian film of all time.

The Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia (MPDAA) Top 10 is:

1. Crocodile Dundee ($47.7m),

2. Australia ($37.5m)

3. Babe ($36.7)

4. Happy Feet ($31.7m)

5. MoulinRouge ($27.7m)

6. Crocodile Dundee2 ($24.9m)

7. Strictly Ballroom($21.7m)

8. RED DOG ($20m)

9. The Dish ($17.9)

10. The Man From Snowy River ($17.2m)

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