Red Dog’s Perth Premiere

Red Dog’s Perth Premiere

The movie adaptation of Louis de Bernières 2002 novel Red Dog is about to hit Australian screens. The novel fictionalises a real Red Cloud “Kelpie” who wandered the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the 1970s. Director Kriv Stenders and producer Nelson Woss have made a feel good movie about this very Australian character. 

Last night, AccessReel attended the Perth Premiere of RED DOG. The event was put on by Roadshow at Event Cinemas, Innaloo. The north entrance of the cinemaplex was transformed – a marquee was erected and then surrounded by heavy duty digging equipment – to reflect the big machines seen in the movie. Handily, the marquee also protected anyone inside from the driving wind and rain.  There was more “set dressing” within; an old Falcon, a giant red rock and road signs pointing the way to Dampier completed the picture. While RED DOG’s 1970s soundtrack played over the PA, a huge crowd of guests assembled, and downed vino and “hotdogs” in anticipation of the screening. 

Inside the cinema, the house was packed out at this first of two scheduled screenings. The audience numbers reflected the high level of interest from Western Australian film-lovers. The story is specifically Western Australian as it follows Red Dog all over the state’s northwest with a focus on Dampier. 

Dr Noel Nannup gave a beautiful Welcome to Country. Representatives from the Arts Minister, Woodside and Rio Tinto spoke at length about their organisations’ deep involvement in the making of the film. Koko – who played the title role was present, but said little. Lead actor Josh Lucas couldn’t be present, but there was a taped preamble by him before the movie. Producer Woss got the audience into the spirit by asking us all to howl like Red Dogs. 

The movie was launched well and judging by the laughter and applause was a hit with the audience. AccessReel will publish our review next week.

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