Ricky Gervais Talks Muppets

Ricky Gervais Talks Muppets


I must be the only person who finds Ricky Gervais’ fanged smile a little freaky (check out those pointed incisors man; They would turn any Twighlight fan green with envy), with the comedian in negotiations for the lead human role in the next Muppets movie (even mention of Gervais and puppets is enough to give me nightmares…am I the only one?!)

While the role Gervais is reported to be discussing is still ‘under wraps’, it has been likened to Jason Segel’s part in the 2011 Muppets movie.  Interestingly, Gervais was supposed to cameo in The Muppets 2011, but his footage was cut from the final edit due to time constraints (he can still be seen in the musical finale).

If he were to accept the part, it would be Gervais’ first leading movie role since the disappointing 2009 flick The Invention of Lying, which came directly after the equally underwhelming Ghost Town…Hmmm…. Take the deal Ricky!

He may make my skin crawl (despite me actually loving him – he’s a man you love to hate), but I have to admit my fingers are crossed he says yes: I want to see this all singing, all dancing, family-friendly version of Gervais.  Let’s see what Kermit can make of him!



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