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Robert Pattinson to step in for Cronenberg film

Robert Pattinson to step in for Cronenberg film

When a news source states that a lead actor has stepped out and has been replaced by another major league actor in a movie, its not all that surprising, but when the movie is “Cosmopolis” By David Cronenberg and the Actor is Robert Pattinson who is replacing Colin Farrell! It becomes a bit confusing.

Apparently Farrell dropped out of the project due to an interest in another movie, “Total Recall” by Len Wiseman. Was it a wise choice? Should Total Recall be remade? The answer to at least one of those questions is definitely no. Robert Pattinson who despite his Twilight stigma is considered by many as a solid actor, maybe being involved in a Cronenberg film will enable him to venture out of the tween trap and avoid being type cast.

There hasn’t been much said about Cosmopolis besides the fact that Marion Cotillard from Inception will be starring and the film centres around a financial wunderkind who risks his entire fortune and who becomes a target for assassination as a result of his choices. Set in a futuristic metropolis, Cosmopolis will mix drama, intrigue, intelligence and cinematic obscurity as only Cronenberg can do. David Cronenberg after all transformed notorious pornographic actress Marilyn Chambers into a brooding blood thirsty half creature the audience actually felt sorry for in 1977’s “rabid”. Not that it is the same thing but if anyone can smash the public’s perception of Robert Pattinson, Cronenberg has the talent to do so.

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