RumourMill – Stay After the Credits of Iron Man 2

RumourMill – Stay After the Credits of Iron Man 2

There has been many websites reporting today, that once again there will be a scene similar to the one at the end of Iron Man following the credits in Iron Man 2. At the end of the first Iron Man, many hardcore fan’s stayed until after the credits to check out the scene between Nick Fury and Tony Stark.. I wonder what it will be this time? Will Thor make an appearance? or maybe Captain America?

With the massive story arch starting up soon, “The Avengers” which includes, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America will hit out screens in 2012, rumors have it that cameos of possibly Iron Man/Hulk may surface in the upcoming Thor Film coming out May 2011 and/or Captain America coming out in July 2011, Theres even a rumor that Thor will have a cameo in Iron Man 2!…We shall see. I hope so!

Iron Man 2 Hits Australian Cinemas on the 29th April.. Which is a week before the States get it.. So Will post up a Followup Article as soon as it comes out.

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