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Samara Weaving – Bad Girl

Samara Weaving – Bad Girl

Australian Film BAD GIRL opens in cinemas this Thursday and just prior to Easter we had a chat with Samara Weaving on her first leading role. The film was also shot in WA. Check out our review here.

Amy (Sara West) returns home to a house she doesn’t know to adopted parents she doesn’t care for in a country town where there’s nothing to do following a stint in a juvenile corrections centre. She’s done something terrible and she’s capable of much worse. Despite the love and support her parents provide, Amy plans on escaping. To make matters worse local girl Chloe (Samara Weaving) is everything she is not; in looks, manners and behaviour. Their attraction to each other is immediate and it will have dire consequences for all.

Take a listen to the interview with Samara below, the film opens April 27.

Note – some major spoilers are in the interview.


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