Saturday Revelation

Saturday Revelation

Perthians, it’s Saturday the 16th of July and you’re kicking back looking for something to do. We’ve past the mid-year hump. Winter Solstice and a General Election, both dispensed with. You’re up to date with TV’s Unreal and your footy team had their go on the paddock already.

Now what? You could “reno” the entire house starting with the splashback in the kitchen. Maybe you can work on getting your tuille MasterChef perfect. Or maybe you can start decoupaging a coffee table with images of 1970s Australian fast bowling sensations Jeff Thompson and D.K. Lillee.

But wouldn’t you rather give yourself up to a little Entertainment and/or Culture, Cynthia and Alphonse? That’s where the Revelation Perth International Film Festival swings into view like Zorro on a rope or Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

There’s a cornucopia of excellent filmic treats waiting for you at the Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge, the Luna on Essex in Fremantle and at Revelation HQ, the Luna Cinemas on Oxford Street Leederville. For example, you may wish to suss out some documentary excellence.

Why not expose your eyeballs to THE BANKSY JOB? Find out how a Bansky sculture was moved from the public gaze in Central London to a private home. It’s an arty heist film of sorts. Sacha Jenkins’ FRESH DRESSED takes the audience through the history of hip hop fashion. Television’s Louis Theroux applies himself to the controversial questions in his aptly titled LOUIS THEROUX: MY SCIENTOLOGY FILM.

If feature film is the spreadable preserve of your choosing, then turn your mind and heart over to the much anticipated SWISS ARMY MAN. Paul Dano plays a shipwrecked wretch who is saved by the surprisingly useful corpse of Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) who washes up onto the castaway’s island. Or perhaps the challenging science fiction of British author JG Ballard is more appealing. HIGH RISE is a sharp adaptation of the satirical dystopia of the Ballard novel. It stars Tom Hiddleston currently wowing us in televison’s The Night Manager and disorienting us by being the front half of Hiddleswift. Or if horror is your bag of entrails, then how could you possibly go past the enticingly titled DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III?

All this is merely a hurried glimpse into the steamy baine marie of nutritious goodies on offer. Have a deeper look at the Revelation Program. And make sure you have a proper peruse at the offerings for Sunday the 17th, which is the festival’s final day.

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