Sin City Sequel…..finally?

Sin City Sequel…..finally?

Director Robert Rodriguez might finally be getting around to a ‘Sin City’ sequel after all with him discussing plans for the sequel at the South by Southwest film festival. The original film hit screens back in 2005 with what is arguably one of the most literal comic to film adaptations ever seen. The film covered several story lines of the Frank Miller comic books including ‘The Big Fat Kill’ and ‘That Yellow Bastard’ (Miller is also credited as a director of the film alongside Rodriguez and Tarantino). The film proved popular enough with an approximate worldwide theatrical run grossing $158 million, fuelling ongoing speculation about sequels.

Rodriquez has been quoted at South by Southwest saying that the long planned sequel will be filmed this year,  and that it will focus on the story ‘A Dame to Kill For’ which is connected to one of the stories covered in the first film and will also bring to the screen two original Sin City stories that haven’t hit the pages of comic books (yet?).

No potential cast members were mentioned however the story ‘A Dame to Kill For’ would at least see the return of a few characters from the first film, whether these will be portrayed by the same actors remains to be seen. It has also been previously speculated that one of the original stories planned would see the return of Nancy Callahan in the Sin City universe, Nancy was played by Jessica Alba in the first film however there’s been no mention of that character in Rodriguez’s discussions at the film festival.

Before ‘Sin City’ proceeds however Rodriguez will be focusing on the second film in his ‘Machete’ franchise with filming planned to begin in April this year. ‘Machete’ of course is the film series that all began with a supposedly fake trailer attached to the theatrical release of the ‘Grindhouse’ double feature by Rodriguez and Tarantino. Danny Trejo is the headline star of the series.

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