Singing Sex Symbols

Singing Sex Symbols


   To celebrate Hugh Jackman’s champion performance in the latest musical movie
Les Miserables,  AccessReel’s Sian Dhu reveals her top ten movie musical leading men…

         Note: as it is in celebration of Hugh’s achievements, he is not included in the competition.  (Though naturally, if he were, he would place!)

  10.  Howard Keel as ‘Wild Bill’ in Calamity Jane 1953

My first introduction to ‘treat em mean, keep em keen’. Wild Bill was rough, tough and ready to go yet was ultimately a gentleman at heart – with a stellar voice and a stunning comic-book smile to boot.

9.   Nathan Lane as ‘Max’ in The Producers 2005

Ok so he’s not sexy, but this frazzled, desperate man with a wicked vibrato won my heart.

8. Donald O’Connor as ‘Cosmo’ Singing in the Rain 1952

No, not Gene Kelly, but the weedier, slightly uglier, friend who steals the show with his comedic musical number ‘Make em Laugh’, complete with running up the walls and somersaulting backwards to the floor. Proof that settling for the less attractive best friend can come with great benefits!

7.  Dick Van Dyke as ‘Bert’ Mary Poppins 1964


Charming cockney with the best twinkle toes around (plus he’s great with kids thus ensuring he’d be a great dad to our many offspring – need I say more?)

6. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as ‘Jake and Elwood’ in  The Blues Brothers 1980

 A charismatic combo; these strong and silent boys in their worn out suits are hard to resist. Particularly as they are, afterall, on a mission from God.

5. Robin Williams as ‘The Genie’ in Aladdin 1992

I don’t care that he’s a cartoon character! He still counts!

4. John Travolta as ‘Danny’ in Grease 1978

Proof that greasy hair and tight pants can be sexy. Bad boy Danny is musical cheese at it’s best.

3. Antonio Banderas as ‘Che’ in Evita  1996

Haven’t seen this one? Get your hands on it now.  Not only is Antonio one majorly sexy narrator, his voice is remarkable.

2. Topol as’ Tevye’ in Fiddler on the Roof 1971

Who can resist the charms of the charismatic farmer who chats all day long to his bestie; God himself? He has a wonderfully expressive voice and face, and tokened what is arguably the most famous musical dance move of all time: the male shimmy! 

1.  Ewan McGregor as ‘Christian’ in Moulin Rouge 2001

They say real love lasts a life time and here is proof.  It’s been over ten years since I laid eyes and ears upon Ewan’s piercing baby blues and his heartwarming vocals, yet my everlasting crush has never wavered. I still see every movie he makes; purely off the back of my love for his performance in this movie.  


Sian's love for movies spawned from having a tight mother whose generosity stretched only to hiring movies once a week for entertainment. As a pre-teen Sian spent more pocket money then she earned on cinema tickets and thus sought a job at the cinema. Over the next decade she rose to be one of the greats in her backwater, six-screen cinema complex, zooming through the ranks from candy bar wench with upselling superpowers, to pasty projectionist, to a manager rocking a pencil skirt. Sian went on to study Journalism at university though feels her popcorn shovelling days were far more educational