Slasher Films to bring us Steve Niles’ Wake The Dead

Slasher Films to bring us Steve Niles’ Wake The Dead

Slash, former lead guitarist for Guns’N’Roses has set up his own production company ironically called Slasher Films. A lifelong fan of the genre, Slash has 4 new movies on the production slate including an adaptation of Steve Niles’ WAKE THE DEAD.

The story focuses on four college students that, like Frankenstein, try to play god by reanimating the dead.

Slated to direct is Jay Russell whose is going completely out of his comfort zone compared to his last few movies – My Dog Skip, The Water and Ladder 49.

The company, which consists of Slash and producing partners Michael Williams and Rob Eric also have in their roster –

NOTHING TO FEAR – a backwater supernatural thriller set in rural Kansas where two sisters discover one of the seven gateways to hell.

THEORUM – Vincenzo Natali’s follow up to Splice is a science/horror film about a college professor who, while trying to unlock the genetic make-up of a relic that may or may not have come from Hell itself, unlocks the equation of evil.

THE OTHER KINGDOM – Hospital staff find themselves battling people afflicted by an otherwordly epidemic who have been turned into crazed supernatural killers.

As with the aforementioned WAKE THE DEAD, it looks like Slash has his hands full. I hope that in at least one of these films, he gets the chance to score or at least contribute to the soundtracks.