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Smaug Golden at US Box Office

Smaug Golden at US Box Office

The top three films at the US Box Office this week remain THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, Disney’s FROZEN and ANCHORMAN 2. So far SMAUG has grossed $127 million after 3 weeks, ANCHORMAN 2 grossed $400 million after 2 weeks and FROZEN in its fifth week has grossed $192 million. 

The surprise Christmas turkey has been Justin Bieber’s documentary BELIEVE. Opening on Christmas Day the movie is expected to take as little as $5 million in its first five days. As a comparison, in 2011, Bieber’s NEVER SAY NEVER made $30 million on its opening weekend in the States. The B word commentators are starting to use is “bomb”. There is some speculation in the heritage media your grandparents enjoy, that Bieber’s antics in social media and in places like the Anne Frank Museum, may have harmed his brand.

Australian Box Office figures don’t yet include the post Christmas numbers. It remains to be seen if the current US Top 3 will be replicated in this country, also known as the Wide Brown Land. 

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