‘Snowtown’ Box Office reaches $1 Million

‘Snowtown’ Box Office reaches $1 Million

SNOWTOWN, the debut feature film of director Justin Kurzel and producers Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw has passed the $1 million box office mark in its 7th week of release.

The total cumulative figure is currently $1,001,760 making it the 3rd highest grossing Australian film of the year behind SANCTUM and ORANGES AND SUNSHINE. All three films have perfromed more strongly than many Australia films of recent years.
SNOWTOWN will receive an international theatrical release through Revolver Entertainment in the UK and IFC Films in North America. SNOWTOWN was awarded President of the Jury Special Award Grand Prix at 2011 Critics’ Week on May 19.
Madman Entertainment’s Managing Director Paul Wiegard said “the box office result is an outstanding achievement and positions it alongside films such as Chopper, The Boysand Animal Kingdom; it augurs well for the ongoing success of the film across all distribution channels.”
SNOWTOWN has played strongly in cinemas across the country for seven weeks. It has polarized critics and audiences alike, with several 5 star reviews appearing alongside the Today Show’s Richard Wilkins 0 star review.

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