Spy Kids 4 comes with Aromascope?

Spy Kids 4 comes with Aromascope?

So I guess some of you are asking what the hell is Aromascope? well thats the thing, Spy Kids 4 hits cinemas on the 29th of September and I spose Robert Rodriquez can’t stand for good old 3D and has to push it to ‘4D’ well if you could call it that, it may be a gimmick to bring more kids through the door but I spose time will tell, Check out what Aromascope is after the jump.

Dimension Films announced that SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD is taking moviegoers to a whole new dimension in 4D with Aromascope.

Cutting edge filmmaker and director of the highly popular SPY KIDS franchise, Robert Rodriguez, was one of the first to reintroduce audiences to 3D since its inception in the 1950s. After many years away from the cultural mindset Rodriguez brought back a whole new wave and rebirth of 3D into mainstream cinema in 2003 with SPY KIDS 3D: GAME OVER. The film impressed and entertained audiences and went on to gross close to $200 million. This innovative and celebrated franchise will now be the first to introduce audiences to the new adventure of 4D where they will have 8 special opportunities throughout the movie to access the action interactively through smell. The introduction of scent in the movie going experience adds to the outrageous fun by enhancing the action, adventure and comedy to take you where no film has gone before.

With each individual admission ticket, kids and parents will also receive an Aromascope card that is free of charge with easy to read numbers outlined. As the numbers flash on the movie screen the audience will rub the corresponding number on their card. When each of the 8 aromas are unleashed you will get to experience a special moment in the film and be transported into scenes in the family adventure film. This fun added attraction takes the audience beyond sight and sound and into a symphony of scents as the movie is coming to life.

“Families are going to love the interactivity of this new addition to the movie going experience. And best of all, you won’t have to pay extra for 4D Aromascope, which will be provided to every theatre whether it be 2D or 3D,” said Robert Rodriguez.

Four times the gadgets, four times the adventure and four times the dimension. Audiences can get a whiff of the bigger, better experience in September when SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD IN 4D opens in theatres across Australia.

TAS – 1st September

QLD – 15th September

NSW/VIC: 22nd September

WA/SA: 29th September

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