St Vincent Advanced Screenings

St Vincent Advanced Screenings

The Luna Outdoor is celebrating the advance screenings of the new Bill Murray movie ST VINCENT, this Friday 12 and Saturday 13 in Leederville. The celebrations feature Cool Perth Nights acoustic musical entertainment with the sounds of the ‘sixties and ‘seventies by David Craft playing guitar and harmonica plus Little Creatures, Wine by Brad and Mantra Wines and Siena’s pizzas.

ST VINCENT is the feature debut from writer-director Theodore Melfi and finds Bill Murray at his cantankerous best playing a cash-strapped retiree with a taste for liquor, loose women, and laying bets at the local horse track. Vincent is a singularly unlikely role model for an impressionable youth. But that’s precisely what he becomes.

Vincent is a solitary Vietnam War veteran with a withering temper, he’s less than pleased to see Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) move into the vacant house next door with her twelve-year-old son Oliver (newcomer Jaeden Lieberher). Desperate times call for desperate measures, however, and when his bank account bottoms out, he approaches Maggie about minding her boy during her late-night nursing shifts. Maggie reluctantly agrees, and soon Oliver is on the receiving end of an uproarious miseducation. Yet Vincent’s unorthodox tutelage also yields a tender and mutually beneficial friendship reminiscent of Murray’s unforgettable pairing with Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore.

On the strength of his much-buzzed-about screenplay, Melfi has assembled a cast the likes of which first-time filmmakers can typically only dream. In addition to Murray and McCarthy, St. Vincent stars Chris O’Dowd and Terrence Howard, as well as Naomi Watts as a pregnant Russian prostitute.

ST VINCENT will also screen at the Luna Outdoor on Sunday 14 December. The full season begins on Boxing Day (Friday 26 December). Online ticket sales here.

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