Star Wars Celebration – Now LIVE Streamed Online

Star Wars Celebration – Now LIVE Streamed Online

For us Star Wars fans going to Celebration in the states is one of the must do conventions to attend but for most of us having the free time and money to do so isn’t really an option, this year for the first time Star Wars has partnered with Verzion to stream the entire convention online including the coveted Opening Panel with Writer/Director/Producer J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm head/Producer Kathleen Kennedy they have also said some special guests will be joining them.

Rumours are also floating about that the brand new trailer for the film will also be shown during the panel, so for Star Wars fans like me I guess ill be having a really late night tomorrow.. The Panel will air online at 1am on Friday morning WST.

It has also been stated that The Panel will be shown in its entirety including any footage it shows, so fingers crossed the trailer is shown.. another rumour floating around is that the new trailer will be attached to Avengers: Age of Ultron, but we don’t have any kind of confirmation on that here in Australia.

Keep an eye on for more information as it comes to hand.

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