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Star Wars Episode VII Has a Title!

Star Wars Episode VII Has a Title!

Star Wars Ep VII has wrapped production and to celebrate that the official title has been released!

Now I’m not really sold on the name but I remember back to when EpIII was released and I wasn’t really sold on “Revenge of the Sith’ either but after watching the movie it worked.. The rumour mill has been buzzing that a teaser trailer will be dropping very soon and fingers crossed a plot synopsis at the same time.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens December 17th 2015, let us know what you think of the title below.

Darran loves watching movies, listening to movies and generally everything movies which is mainly the reason why he started accessreel.com and roped some friends in to help him.. Favorite Films: Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Grosse Point Blank, Shawshank Redemption and any Kevin Smith or Tarantino.
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