Star Wars: Obiwan movies in the works?

Star Wars: Obiwan movies in the works?

The film industry is swimming in Star Wars rumours these days with Episode VII a few months away, and several anthology films already in the works. This new rumour is rather exciting and refreshing amongst all the Boba Fett solo film talk that never fades away, so is Obiwan getting his own film?

According to this latest rumour, Disney and Lucasfilm have supposedly approached prequel trilogy star Ewan McGregor about returning to the role of Obiwan Kenobi for not just one, but a trilogy of films.

Like all of these rumours don’t take it for gospel until we see something more formal but the Obiwan rumour has surfaced previously, though not for a while at this point. These latest musings seem to indicate that an Obiwan trilogy would be in addition to both the episodic and anthology films so we’d likely be seeing more than one Star Wars film released within a year, similar to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently operating.

With Ewan McGregor a little older now it’d easily make sense to slot him into a story set accordingly between Episodes III and IV, with the reboot of the Expanded Universe there is little detail available on the specifics of these years, though the anthology film Rogue One will be exploring it to some degree (probably closer to Episode IV, than III).

We know that Darth Maul is alive and well in the new Star Wars canon, so could we see a rematch between the former Sith Apprentice and Obiwan? At this point, anything could happen but the possibility of Ewan McGregor back as Obiwan is an exciting one!

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