Star Wars TV Live Action Update and Speculation!

Star Wars TV Live Action Update and Speculation!

So this isn’t technically film related, however it’s Star Wars so we make exceptions. While the prequel trilogy had the last theatrical release several years ago, and there’s no discussion of any future film releases in the franchise, Star Wars is certainly alive and well across a number of other mediums. The current ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ series began in 2008 and is currently still running through its fourth season but what of the much discussed/speculated live action TV series?

With the promotion of the new film ‘Red Tails’, producer Rick McCallum has been reported to let a few things slip about the live action TV series which has previously been reported to be set between the events of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope’, so covering the period where the Galactic Empire has emerged and is consolidating its power base and control of the galaxy, the Jedi Order is almost extinct, and whispers of rebellion have begun.

McCallum has mentioned that no less than 50 scripts of the series are written and sitting on the shelf waiting for an economically and financially sound way of being produced for the TV arena but still maintaining the scope of Star Wars and all that it is comprised of.

50 scripts is a decent number of episodes and is likely to comprise of at least two seasons with possibly a partial third season completed, so there’s obviously a long term view with the story of this potential series. McCallum further mentioned that the working title for the series is ‘Star Wars: Underworld’. The working title seems appropriate given the previous reports indicated the show wouldn’t necessarily be as grandiose as the feature films, but would concentrate on character tales with galactic events as the backdrop.

So we continue to wait to see if this series will come to fruition, meanwhile Star Wars fans have the ‘Clone Wars’ series to continue to enjoy and for those with a love of video games as well as Star Wars there was the recent launch of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ from Bioware. Of course there is also the 3D re-releases which are well  underway with Episode 1 scheduled to hit cinemas this February, and if successful the sequels will follow one per year over the next five years.

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