Steven Soderbergh Apparently Retiring.

Steven Soderbergh Apparently Retiring.

Yes, I am a part of the Steven Soderbergh fan-club, who isn’t? He has a keen eye for directing feature films and has a way with making the audience actually feel something(whatever that may be) as a pose to some of those ‘Hollywood’ films that have no vision, melodramatic acting and ‘sloppy’ story lines (no offense). 


There have been many articles about Soderbergh retiring from filmmaking over the past few years, then we hear of another Soderbergh film in pre-production. His newest film is Side Effects which is released in Australia on February 28. This is said to be his last, however, I believe a great filmmaker never retires. Soderbergh has given us great films such as the Oceans trilogy, The Limey, Contagion and (of course) Magic Mike – it would be shame to put such great talent to rest. 


Reportedly, Soderbergh is not impressed with how directors are treated – especially in the last five years. He states “It’s become absolutely horrible the way the people with the money decide they can fart in the kitchen…I guess I don’t understand the assumption that the director is presumptively wrong about what the audience wants or need when they are the first audience, in a way.” I’m sure this isn’t the entire reason for his supposed split with his 24 year long relationship with filmmaking. 


His TV movie, Behind The Canelabra, is set to be released this year, starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas. The film was announced in 2008, however, was set back due to Michael Douglas’s cancer treatment. The film wont be receiving a theatrical release as it was observed as ‘too gay’ by the studios. 

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