Supanova Guest Announcement Brisbane & Adelaide

Supanova Guest Announcement Brisbane & Adelaide

Supanova continues to bring the best of the best in the form of Shiny Guests to its conventions Australia Wide and today we get the latest announcement for the November Tour to Brisbane and Adelaide. Check out the Press Release below.

There’s something for everyone in the expanded line-up of Supa-Stars for the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Expos in Brisbane and Adelaide. A combination of classic and youth-focused celebrities will attend the expos, delighting fans of all ages.
The most recent additions include Richard Kiel, the shiny-toothed James Bond villain ‘Jaws’ from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. At 7’2”, Kiel is a true ‘giant’ of the silver screen. The constantly-evolving Bond franchise continues to attract huge audiences, with the latest installment, Skyfall, opening on November 22.
Supa-Star Malcolm-Jamal Warner will take nostalgic fans back to the ‘80s, when he starred for eight years as Theo Huxtable on the enormously popular The Cosby Show. Malcolm also has Sci-Fi cred, appearing as Kurdy Malloy with fellow Supa-Star Luke Perry in the post-apocalyptic Showtime series Jeremiah.
Then there’s Cassandra Peterson… better known as ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’, the cult TV horror hostess. Cassandra will appear as herself on Supanova Sundays, but on Saturdays it will be Elvira, her alter-ego, who is available for autograph and photo sessions. Raven locks, pale makeup, plunging neckline, the lot!
In keeping with the nostalgic theme, Supanova will host the legendary B-movie auteur, Larry Cohen, who has directed over 20 films and had almost 80 screenplays produced. He is best known for his work in the Sci-Fi and Horror genres, including the Maniac Cop and It’s Alive! series. Cohen’s frequent collaborator, actress Laurene Landon, will also appear, sharing sensational stories of her B-movie career from Full Moon High to Alien Vampz 2.

For the younger fans there’s the Harry Potter trio of Chris Rankin, Alfie Enoch and William Melling who featured as Harry’s friends Percy Weasley, Dean Thomas and Nigel Wolpert respectively, and international best-selling author, Rachel Caine, writer of the Morganville Vampires series.

Additional guests will be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned to Supanova’s official site [], Facebook and Twitter feeds for further updates.
Previously announced guests for Brisbane and Adelaide in November 2012:
Luke Perry: Star of Beverly Hills 90210The Fifth Element, and Pike in the ORIGINAL Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie that started it all

James Marsters: Buffy’s Spike, Smallville’s Braniac, and occasionally Lex Luthor

Felicia Day: 
Star and creator of The Guild, regular guest star on Eureka and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Nelsan Ellis: Juilliard-educated Ellis not only features as vampy vampire Lafayette in True Blood but also appears in critically acclaimed feature films like The Soloist, The Help and Secretariat

Gareth David-Lloyd: 
The best-loved ‘coffee boy’ in the universe, Torchwood stalwart Ianto Jones

Blue Gillespie: Gareth David Lloyd’s awesome progressive metal band will have a gig at both expos!

Billy West: Supa-star voice of Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan in Futurama; star of The Ren and Stimpy Show

Vic Mignogna: The Full Metal Alchemist himself; star of Dragonball Z, Vampire Knight, and Ouran High School Host Club

COMIC BOOKS: Howard Chaykin (Marvel & DC writer/artist; American Flagg, Bite Club, The Shadow), Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One), Tom Taylor, David Yardin, Tristan Jones, Jeffrey Cruz, Billy Tan (Adelaide exclusive), and more.  [Bios at]
LITERATURE: Brisbane & Adelaide: Joe Abercrombie, Rachel Caine, Trudi Canavan
Brisbane exclusives: Marianne De Pierres, John Birmingham, Alison Goodman, Marianne Curley
Adelaide exclusives: David Cornish, Sean Williams, Fiona McIntosh, Juliet Marillier.
The Supanova Pop Culture Expo was established in 2002 in Sydney by Daniel Zachariou and is a completely independent Australian production, run by a passionate team of young professionals with backgrounds in private industry and the creative sector. Since Supanova’s inception, the expo has expanded to six cities (Melbourne, The Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide) and gone from strength to strength to become the nation’s largest pop-culture convention.
Over 120,000 patrons attend Supanova annually to meet their favourite stars from film, TV, anime, comics and geek culture, and to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the trading floor, where fun commodities and rare collectibles can be snapped up by savvy buyers. International pop-culture celebrities come to Supanova to meet fans, give behind-the-scenes talks, pose for photos and sign autographs at the family-friendly expos. Both kids and adults can also enjoy movie previews and screenings, gaming demonstrations, competitions, the spectacle of AWF Wrestling, and the opportunity to shop for must-have pop-culture items including comics, DVDs, figurines, accessories and clothing. Many fans enjoy getting into ‘CosPlay’ (costume roleplay), whether it’s to compete in the Madman National Cosplay Championships or simply to enjoy a fun day of dressing up.

The Supanova expos are a celebration of pop culture created by the Supanova family for your family, and for fans of all ages.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo hits Brisbane on the 9th – 11th of November and Adelaide on the 16th – 19th of November, as always head over to Supanova’s Website for all the ticketing information.

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