Supanova Pop Culture Expo – Perth and Sydney

Supanova Pop Culture Expo – Perth and Sydney

With June kicking off Supanova will soon be upon Sydney and Perth with a variety of guests announced it’s looking to be a great event. I’ve attended Supanova several times now and it’s a show that’s definitely worth seeing. Having also been to Comic-con a few times, I can say as fantastic a show as Comic-con is, something like Supanova is great because of the smaller scale it has a more intimate feel and there is good access to see the guests you would like to see. If you spend a day or a weekend looking for a specific autograph or a sketch, you won’t come away disappointed.

Make sure you check out Darren’s article on the guests that are headlining the movie and TV side of things. I’d like to have a look at just some of the guests we can look forward to seeing on the comic book side of things.

Joe Kubert has been working in comics for over sixty years and has had the opportunity to work on characters including Hawkman, Tarzan, Enemy Ace, Batman, the Flash and Sgt. Rock. In 2008, Kubert returned to his Tor character with a six-issue limited series published by DC Comics entitled Tor: A prehistoric Odyssey. Kubert won a 1997 Eisner award for Best Graphic Album: New for Fax from Sarajevo which was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Stuart Immonen was hired by DC Comics and Marvel comics in 1993 after working at several smaller comic book publishers. Immonen has drawn such characters as Superman, Hulk, Legion of Superheroes and the X-Men. More recently he has worked on the Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men series with writers Warren Ellis and Brian K. Vaughan. Immonen also maintains a web comic called Never as Bad as You Think which is co-authored by his wife, Kathryn.

Kathryn Immonen has written stories for both DC and Marvel including a recent run on the popular Marvel series Runaways and the X-Men mini-series Pixie Strikes Back!

Shane Mccarthy is an Australian writer who has written for several publishers including IDW, DC and Marvel. His work for DC has included Batman stories published in Detective Comics and Legends of the Dark Knight, for IDW Mccarthy has written the five part zombie story Zombies: Feast and the Transformers series All Hail Megatron. More recently Shane’s work has been published in Marvel’s Dark X-Men: The Beginning.

Tom Taylor is currently the writer for the new series Star Wars: Invasion which began in 2009 and is set during the New Jedi Order era of Star Wars.  Taylor is also writing for the DC/Wildstorm series The Authority and his other comics work includes the adaptation of his award-winning play The Example through Gestalt Publishing.

Colin Wilson is known for his artwork in 2000 AD stories such as Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd and he has also illustrated for the series Point Blank written by Ed Brubaker and he worked on three issues of The Losers which was recently adapted into a live action feature film. Wilson also works with Tom Taylor on the new Star Wars series Star Wars: Invasion.

This year like previous years has a great bunch of guests for comic fans so make sure you dig out your issues and get your sketch books ready for some autographs and sketches at the event.

Be sure to head over to the official Supanova web site to keep up with all the guests that will be appearing including some additional people from the comic industry who are appearing exclusively at the Sydney event. The site also has all the venue and ticket information you’ll need,

Supanova will be in Sydney from June 18 – 20 and then in Perth from June 25 – 27.

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