The Angry Man Series

The Angry Man Series

Being a Western Australian website, we notice when WA projects swim into view. This week the ANGRY MAN web series was launched online. The six comic episodes centre on the character of Andy (Ben Sutton) a man with no apparent social filters and a strong sense of what is socially right or wrong. For example, we all would like to confront the idiot who takes up two parking spaces, but when Andy gets his opportunity to do so, he doesn’t let the moment pass. He’s not too keen on shirtless men in supermarkets, either.

His willingness to speak out, makes Andy the sort of character who can make an audience cringe but also fulfill its dreams of social assertiveness. He’s part hero and part villain. Witness to these outbursts is Andy’s friend Claudia, played by Sian Choyce. 

The episodes are well-made with solid production values that belie the very compressed shooting time of two days. Over the course of six episodes you will get an insight into Andy’s world as he confronts a variety of thoughtless individuals in a number of Perth locations. The series is produced by Meg McPherson and Maya Kavanagh and written and directed by Aaron Moss.

Watch The Angry Man series here

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