The Argentinean Escape

The Argentinean Escape

Western Australian filmmaker Stuart Bender returns with two new short films, for one night only:  THE ARGENTINIAN ESCAPE and INSIDE THE DANCE.

 THE ARGENTINIAN ESCAPE  is about an army pilot who travels to South America on vacation with his fiancée.  When she is kidnapped and he is drawn into a violent encounter with an underground Argentinian drug smuggling operation.  This short was shot and produced entirely in Perth, Western Australia and continues in the low-buget high action vein of Bender’s other films.  He and his small team have become expert in creating maximum screen mayhem using stunts and post-production effects

.This one night only screening will also include INSIDE THE DANCE.  Be capitivated by, and taken inside, the sensational choreography and performance of this beautiful dance.This second work represents a different dimension to Bender’s work; his first non-action short to be shown in public.

 As a bonus the evening will include: BEHIND THE SCENES OF “The Argentinian Escape:” Take an exclusive look behind the scenes and see  the cast & crew of the film as they go about the incredible task of making this action/adventure film!

Bender’s filmmaking has recently  garnered attention from overseas. His previous action short Double Cross has been on the Festival circuit.   As he said, “Double Cross sold out in May, went on to be nominated for the award of ‘Best in Show’ at the 2011 Action On Film Festival in California.”


WHERE: Belmont Reading Cinema, Western Australia

TIME: 6.45pm – 8.00pm

If you want to catch up with Bender’s latest stuff, then you can purchase a ticket online.

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