The Avengers Joins Titanic & Avatar in the $600million Club!

The Avengers Joins Titanic & Avatar in the $600million Club!

The 21st century really is revenge of the nerds! The Avengers soars to great box office heights with Walt Disney Pictures announcing the flick is expected to pass the $600million mark by close of US business today. This bring the membership of the exclusive $600million movie-makers  club to a grand total of two.

James Cameron still stands firm as the President of this illustrious, yet somewhat miniscule club, with Titanic and Avatar both holding the top spots.

Though The Avengers still packs alot of punch on the admits front (even after eight weeks in cinemas it is still in the Top 10 grossing films of the week), it is expected Avatar will keep it’s record as the highest grossing film of all time safely scaffolded by a hearty $750.6million in US takings.

It’s interesting to note, however, these figures neglect to take into consideration inflation. Mr Cameron would likely be stepping aside if it did, with the 1939 film Gone With The Wind estimated to have taken the equivalent to $1.6billion in todays money – OUCH!

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