‘The Bodyguard’ Remake

‘The Bodyguard’ Remake

It has been announced that Warner Brothers will be remaking the 1992 mega cash cow ‘The bodyguard’.  Hiring Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer to pen the script and Dan Lin to produce, Warner Brothers will be updating the story for a contemporary audience.

‘The Body Guard’, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, shot Houston to international pop super stardom with the story based power ballad ‘I will always love you’. That song will be engrained in our minds and in pop culture forever. The plot of the film will mostly remain intact; an incredibly famous pop star at the peak of her career gets assigned an ex secret service agent as her body guard to protect her from her more aggressive admirers and fanatic audiences, at, the ex agent first believing his skills misused and the environment he has been thrust into, superficial he soon falls in love with the charming megastar and learns a valuable lesson about life. The differences being made to the Warner script are only slight, instead of “the Bodyguard” being an ex secret service agent he will be an ex Iraqi war soldier, which doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense but we shall see how it is played out. The story will also be based in the present day and no doubt around current popular music, lets hope they choose someone with substance.

‘The Body Guard’ (1992) written by Lawrence Kasdan, was a product of it’s time and studios will hopefully begin to realize this soon, it was a benchmark in the “famous person falls in love with the working class Joe and they learn that all is equal in love and loss” plot device, which has sadly since been done to death. I wonder if they will keep the soundtrack the same or attempt to create a new power ballad to lose your voice to.

There has been no release date announced yet. 

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