The Cabin In The Woods: Trailer

The Cabin In The Woods: Trailer

What does the most celebrated creator of modern television need? Another movie! After impressing us with countless action, sci fi and horror shows, kick arse movie tie ins and the most well loved animated story of all time, Joss Whedon will be scaring us stupid.

The Whedon penned The Cabin In The Woods has received a trailer. Drew Goddard, who will be making his directoral debut with this film after helping Whedon with Alias, Lost and Angel as producer, seems like a great choice. I suspect that Whedon will still maintain a great deal of creative control (as it should be). This trailer doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but boy is it fun! At first glance it seems fairly cliché. You have everything there, a group of attracted kids going to a secluded cabin in the woods they even have their own “ you’re all doomed” creepy old dude to warn them about it and then bam weird science fiction stuff hits you in the face.

This film is not as straight forward as you might think it is. I get that they are being hunted by something and that the characters have been pushed into a familiar situation, what intrigues me is that they don’t seem to be relating to it as though it’s reality. It looks creepy and unique and anyone who has faith in Whedon’s ability to surprise us will not be disappointed. I’m going to take a stab in the dark here (pun totally intended) and say that this film will break some sort of horror movie fourth wall. That is my first and last prediction for this film.


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