“The Dark Knight Rises” – Batman 3 Revealed

“The Dark Knight Rises” – Batman 3 Revealed

The LA Times has published an article about the upcoming Batman 3 film. Christopher Nolan sat down for an interview and gives us a few hints about the next Batman Film titled, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. He also went onto mention that the film will not be filmed in 3D and that he didn’t want to follow the current 3D craze, which personally is really understandable to me 3D is totally overrated some films it works on and some films it really lets it down.

Looks like Nolan will follow his love for everything IMAX and will once again shoot a good chunk of the film in that format, the opening scene of THE DARK KNIGHT is still one of the best openings of a film in I would say the last few years at least and partly due to the scope that IMAX offers. Nolan was also asked if the Riddler will be the villain in this film he and has come out and said it won’t be, so we sit back and wonder “Who Will Tom Hardy Play?” who got cast a month or so ago… Any Ideas? Who will be the Villian? We won’t see Harvey Dent back, there won’t be a Joker so Thoughts? Penguin Maybe?

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is slated for release in 2012 and after the success of THE DARK KNIGHT the anticipation is killing me to see how this one will pan out, Nolan has yet to disappoint me so let’s hope he doesn’t with this one.

Roll on 2012!

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