The Inbetweeners Sequel Announced

The Inbetweeners Sequel Announced


Did you watch the TV show? Or maybe you practiced their dance moves when you tried to pick up a few girls in a bar. Whatever the reason for loving these group of guys just trying to fit in, they’ll be back on the big screen after the success of the first film. 

THE INBETWEENERS is the UK’s most successful comedy film of all time earning a whopping $71 million in the UK box office alone, which is pretty impressive after being made for only $5.5 million. 

The first film documents a group of teen boys on a school leavers trip and mis-haps along the way. It’s a wonder what the sequel will be about. The group of guys settle in to college? Heading into the workforce? Let’s hope the film lives up to the memorable scenes and dance moves as the first. 

The creators (Iain Morris & Damon Beesley) and the four outrages teens (James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas & Simon Bird) will reunite to make the film. Entertainment Film Distributers are hoping for similar success after the first film. 

The first film was fully funded by Channel 4 (the station that aired the TV show), logically the film will have slightly more funding after the success in 2011. Although, I doubt a larger budget will distract the creative input, it will be interesting to see how the filmmakers use this to their advantage. There is no release date as of yet.

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