The Twin’s Won’t Be Returning for Transformers 3

The Twin’s Won’t Be Returning for Transformers 3

Looks like due to the amount of backlash Michael Bay recieved about the Twins in Transformers 2, they won’t be returning for the third. Forums arupted after Transformers 2 came out with people saying the Twins were racist and were living up to certain stereotypes such as gold teeth and can’t read.

Now Bay has posted on his official forum that “The Twins are not back in T3.” So I hear a sigh of relief from alot of Transformers Fans, because for me they were something that did spoil the film for me. So I’m happy that they are gone.

Transformers 3 has already started filming and there are a couple of short videos on a few movie blogs but nothing hugely exciting.

What do you hope happens in Transformers 3? Mikaela Dies? Leo gets his head cut off?

While I’m on the Subject of Michael Bay, Just wanted to post this awesome video that was done when he won an award at the Showest in 2009. Check it out below.


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