The Walking Dead film?

The Walking Dead film?

Created by writer Robert Kirkman, ‘The Walking Dead’ began life as a comic series first issued in 2003 from Image Comics and has just passed the milestone issue 100 this year. ‘The Walking Dead’ has gone on to become a TV series from AMC with season three due to premiere on October 14 2012, as well as a video game from not only Telltale Games but also with a first person shooter to be published by Activision.

With most of the mediums of entertainment already covered the only remaining step seems to be a feature film interpretation of the property, but how likely is that? Despite there being no formal announcements on any level it seems that a film is at least being discussed. Rumours are surfacing that AMC and the crew on ‘The Walking Dead’, are discussing the possibility, though launching a feature film from a TV series would not be without its challenges.

Keeping in mind before the TV series launched there was consideration to going straight to feature film with the property, though given the volume of source material currently available it would seem the TV format is better suited to the series, and it certainly more closely resembles the comic book format than a larger budget feature film would.

So what do you think? Would a ‘Walking Dead’ feature film get you along to the cinema? No doubt one of the challenges would be pitching it to a new audience while trying to appease the existing audience, something that both ‘Firefly/Serenity’ and ’The X-Files’ have previously had to contend with.

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