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Thor 2

Thor 2

It’s full speed ahead for Thor 2 now. The thunder god is going to pummel his way through the film screens again in 2013, and Marvel Studios aren’t wasting any time!

Don Payne who was one of the writers for the first Thor and also penned Fantastic Four: The rise Of The Silver Surfer will be having a crack at writing the script. They have said farewell to Kenneth Branagh however, apparently the decision was mutual, but I personally think he did a really good job. Chris Hemswortth and Tom Hiddleston are returning and Marvel, of course will be able to put their two cents worth in when meeting with directors to help Payne shape the story.

Apparently the next Thor story will pick up at the end of the Avengers movie (with some sort of nifty tie in I’m sure). I am trying to figure out where they can go, cant simply just go with the same primary adversary again, The Dark gods? The Wrecking Crew? Thanos? (That would be awesome) Do we want Jane Foster back?

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