Thor and Loki get close

Thor and Loki get close


While THOR 2 has landed in cinemas globally and making large amounts at the box office, it seems one small Chinese cinema has made a little mistake. 

We all know Thor and Loki and sibling rivals and wouldn’t be caught dead giving each other a pat on the back or what seems to be an emotional embrace. That’s exactly what was seen at a Chinese cinema. 

The cinema had accidentally advertised the film with a photoshopped poster of Thor and Loki cuddling. Loki leaning into Thors’ manly blond locks and Thor wrapping his arms around Loki. The image was created by an online user who tweeted “Damn it! If I were paid 1 yuan each time the photo is retweeted I would be rich.”

See below to check out the brotherly love.

THOR 2 is in cinemas now. 

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