THOR – Ask Loki a Question

THOR – Ask Loki a Question

Early next week I will be interviewing Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki in the Upcoming film THOR From Paramount Pictures and MARVEL and since I get to have all the fun, I thought there might be some massive THOR fans out there that might want to ask him a question. Check out more after the jump!

Now, I can’t put you on the phone with Tom but I can ask the question on your behalf! So what I want you to do is email me at with your question, the best question(s) will be posted on the facebook page and I will ask Tom when I interview him next Monday! So put your thinking caps on guys and for inspiration check out the trailer below!  

(If for some reason I run out of time, I might not be able to ask the question, but will try my best to get it in there)

Darran loves watching movies, listening to movies and generally everything movies which is mainly the reason why he started and roped some friends in to help him.. Favorite Films: Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Grosse Point Blank, Shawshank Redemption and any Kevin Smith or Tarantino.

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