Tiff’s Mid-Year Movie Meditation

Tiff’s Mid-Year Movie Meditation

We are officially floating in the midyear section of 2011 now and I have been charged with the dubious task of relaying my thoughts on this year’s cinematic prowess, so far. I will be including my top 5 favourite movies, movies that didn’t quite hug me hard enough and movies that I really shouldn’t have to mention again. I may cry a little, laugh a little, fall asleep a little, but it’s all in good fun so join me after the jump.


I’m going to be all different and start this list with number 1, because this is my list and I can.  


Get Low: Feb 2011

If anyone had the pleasure of seeing this movie, watch it again. It doesn’t happen very often when something will actually move me and surprise me. The film was gentle, thought provoking, unpredictable and classic. Aside from the fact that Robert Duvall is a legend it was one of the most well-paced and presented period films I have ever seen. With no pretentiousness or historical inaccuracy, the decade was not the story, the people were. I gave this movie five stars and look forward to seeing it again.


Black Swan: Jan 2011

I know, I know “it won an Oscar, everyone loves it now”. I always make judgments on a movie from how I feel while I was watching it. That film affected me, stayed with me; I ignored everything else in the media and went with that feeling. Not only was that film terrifying, it felt very personal and emotional. There were so many things going on in that movie, when you look past the “tee hee hee lesbians” factor, you can see the damage that has been caused to the main character and all the unnatural elements that have always been there. Her mother, I believe was the most important element of her downfall and the most unnatural influence in her life. When her insanity manifests itself it is the inevitable fault of on already unstable foundation. It was the subtle tricks the film uses to pull you down into her reality that grabbed my spine and shook it. Very effective.


Paul: April 2011

This film spoke to me, it was me. It felt so familiar and nothing in that movie made me frown. It was pure, silly, brilliant, Science fiction geek heaven. Enough said,


Super 8: June 2011

This film was amazing. Being that I am a film nut and have loved playing with cameras since I was very young, I related to this on a personal level. I loved it how this was an adult film from a child’s perspective instead of the other way around. How every pre teen deals with adult decisions every day, and how you grow up forgetting the bravery of children (could be mistaken for recklessness, no it’s definitely courage). I thought that the monster was decent, the mystery was decent, the plot had been used but it wasn’t the focus anyway. The relationships developed in the movie looked authentic and by golly the effects were awesome. Watch it and forget about how other monster films have disappointed you. This one has heart.


Xmen: First Class: June 2011

I am a fan of the X-Men comics, I have been for a very long time, imagine my disappointment when, with the first trilogy of films, they messed with the continuity, changed characters to the point that they didn’t reflect their reference at all and Magneto was an old frail man (albeit fantastic actor). I was gutted. Granted that the films were enjoyable, this worked better. There was better chemistry between the characters, the story flowed better, it was the closest to the comics you are ever going to get and it was just so much fun. I utterly fell in love with Michael Fassbender as Magneto (he should be James Bond, make it happen) and loved the cheekiness of James McCavoy. The most fun I have had watching a movie at the cinemas this year. Great musical score and great eye candy (sue me), get rid of January Jones and it would have been perfect.

Honourable Mentions

I have set this aside as a section to place those movies I was umming and ahh-ing about. The ones that got my attention but somehow didn’t make the list.

Sucker Punch: April 2011

I really, really enjoyed this movie. I found it to be a quite deep and meaningful journey. If you see past all the Boobs and fishnets you will see that this film is really, really messed up.  As a film that was taken literally but wasn’t meant to, it wasn’t well received. I got it, I understood it’s message. I chose the path I hoped that it was heading, unfortunately it never quite made it’s mind up about what it wanted to be. On one hand it was a steampunk ride to babe town and on the other it was a grisly tale about one girls determination to survive in a world that victomizes innocence and beauty. It was always somewhere in the middle with flashes of the horrible reality of the real world intermingled with her fantasy, but not enough of them to make you feel enough either way.

Insidious: May 2011

Scariest. Movie. I. Have. Ever. Seen. I have seen a lot of scary movies. I live by it and love it. This movie got to me. I don’t know what it was but they tapped into my inner child and made it cry. They knew what scared me and they exploited it to the maximum effect. It was brutal and unnerving to a degree where I was physically uncomfortable. Thrilling experience but it may take me a while to watch it again. It was so effective and unique but I couldn’t say it was one of my favourite films of the year because I was too busy being traumatized by it. I would like to know who has seen it and thinks I’m crazy.

Horrible Mentions:

You knew this was coming; let’s do this quickly, like ripping off a scabby bandaid.

Burlesque: Jan 2011

This was a Christina Aguilera film clip. She has a great voice, not a terrible acting talent either but it wasn’t burlesque, it wasn’t catchy. It was just annoying and boring. I didn’t hate it because it isn’t my kind of music, I stay very open minded, I hated it because it didn’t try to be anything else but safe.

Gnomeo and Juliet: Feb 2011

Oh James McAvoy, such a beautiful voice, such a shame. I know this is a kids movie, but there is no excuse for poor workmanship. Rango was the best 3d animated film I have ever seen that was a brilliant kids film (see how I sneaked an honourable mention in there, I’m sneaky) G&J was simple, rushed, cheap gags that would make a kid laugh but was too decade specific to stay in their minds for generations. It will not become a classic. Great animation though.

So there you have it, tough but fair. These are my opinions and now I am interested in yours, let me know what you think about these movies. I will be back for another one of these reports at the end of the year, we shall see what has made it’s mark then.

Tiff out.