Titan Extreme Cinema – A New Experience

Titan Extreme Cinema  – A New Experience

As some of you Perthites may know Belmont Reading Cinema’s has had quite the renovation going on recently but what you may not know is that they have just rolled out a rather impressive New Screen that pretty much smashes every other Screen around Perth.

Its called the TitanXC (Titan Extreme Cinema), I got to attend a Media Screening of Tron Legacy the other day you can check out my review here and lets just say as far as sound and picture quality are concerned you really can’t beat this, throughout watching Tron the cinema was literately shaking and the digital projection quality is flawless and to be honest with you its pretty much my favorite screen in Perth now.

For all you Tech Heads heres some further details direct from the Press Release. 

Huge Screen: A newly-installed wall-to-wall screen, stretching more than 10 metres high covering an area of 185 square metres.

Pristine Digital Images with Most Advanced 3D: All movies shown in Titan XC will be presented digitally with a new, state-of-art Dolby Digital 3D projection system, providing Titan XC moviegoers with striking, vivid images unmatched by competitors or home 3D systems.

3D blockbusters will be showcased using two ‘dual stacked’ Barco DP2k32B digital projection systems which will generate supreme image brightness, vibrant colours and exceptionally rich contrast levels with a combined total of 13,000W lamp power.

Reading’s customized Dolby / Barco 3D system is the first of its kind in Perth.

Unsurpassed Sound: Titan XC truly raises the bar for commercial cinema audio systems.

Titan XC features the latest digital audio format for cinema applications, Dolby 7.1.  This new format allows film makers to take the surround sound experience further allowing the audience to hear it exactly as the director intended.

TRON 3D will be the first feature presented by Reading that has been mixed in Dolby 7.1.

Titan XC is a more immersive experience.

First Class Seats: Reading prides itself on the space and comfort level of its seating which is designed to ensure the highest quality of movie going experience and Titan XC features all-new extra wide body seats and ample leg room throughout the cinema.

Belmont Readings has also opened up a Gold Lounge similar to your Gold Class/La Premiere Cinema’s I will be heading on down there on Friday to have a good look around and Ill give you a full report on that also.

For TitanXC Screening Details check out Reading Cinema’s Website.

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