Titanic Memory Vault Contest

Titanic Memory Vault Contest

With the release of TITANIC in 3D a meer 3 weeks away from release Twentieth Century Fox is launching a Global Contest. All you have to do is document your memories of when you saw TITANIC for the first time and why you’re looking forward to seeing it again in 3D.

Here’s some fun facts about TITANIC.

  • Released in December 1997
  • Directed by James Cameron
  • Was the highest grossing film in box office history – grossed almost $2 billion until it was surpassed by Avatar
  • Won 11 Oscars
  • Was the most nominated movie in film history at the time
  • Was the most expensive movie production of all of its time (about $200 million).The production of the movie cost more than the Titanic itself (cost to construct the ship was about $7.5M which is around $120-150M today)!
  • The Titanic movie soundtrack was the bestselling US album of 1998 and ‘My Heart Will Go On’ won an Oscar for Best Original Song
  • Over 10 million Facebook fans of the movie

In advance of the highly-anticipated 3D release of TITANIC, one of the most acclaimed films of all time and the winner of 11 Academy Awards® including Best Picture, Twentieth Century Fox International is launching today the “Memory Vault,” a global online contest which gives users around the world a chance to document their memories of when they saw this very special film for the first time and why they’re looking forward to seeing it again, this time in 3D. Once entered into the “Memory Vault,”the most original and popular fan videos will be eligible for a chance to win a spectacular prize.

Users can describe their overall reaction, a specific scene, or whatever they associate with the Titanic experience; they will also have the opportunity to express their anticipation about seeing the film like never before, in stunning 3D, painstakingly converted frame by frame using the latest technology. The “Vault” will close on March 28th, and a two-week voting period will begin the next day.  The winners, who will be determined based on their originality and the number of votes they receive, will be announced on April 16th. Users can also share them on the Titanic Facebook page where they can send video reactions to friends.

The contest will be held in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, South Korea and Taiwan.

The re-release coincides with the centenary of the ship’s sinking and comes15 years after it became the highest grossing film of all time. TITANIC, James Cameron’s ground-breaking and uniquely powerful emotional and visual epic, returns to the big screen premiering April 5th in Australia, digitally remastered and in 3D.

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