Total Recall Remake – 6 Actresses in the Running

Total Recall Remake – 6 Actresses in the Running

Whether its just speculation who knows, but one of my favourite films from the 90’s is being remade, TOTAL RECALL the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick is coming back to the big screen but this time Colin Farrell is in the lead role but the question is, who’s going to play the female leads.. Sharon Stone played Lori in the original and there’s also Melina played by Rachel Ticotin, there’s currently 6 actresses’ names that have been thrown in the mix.

Now I for one is personally getting a tad sick of all these 80/90’s movies getting remade, I really do think the studios have to start coming up with some FRESH ideas, but I spose if a quick dollar is going to be made then the studios will just keep on doing them.

Now in the role of Lori originally played by Sharon Stone, Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) and Diane Kruger (Unknown) are rumoured. For Melina, originally played by Rachel Ticotin, Eva Mendes (The Other Guys), Paula Patton (Precious), Eva Green (Casino Royale) and Jessica Biel (Valentines Day).

All these seem like great choices, I can see Diane Kruger playing Lori for sure! I reckon she would do a fantastic job and on the Melina front I think Paula Patton is up there for me, she was amazing in Precious and Deja Vu, and is also in the upcoming Mission Impossible movie.

So there are the choices guys, what are your thoughts? There may be some that aren’t in that list that you think could be better?

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