Trailer – Daniel Radcliffe joins Zoe Kazan in WHAT IF

Trailer – Daniel Radcliffe joins Zoe Kazan in WHAT IF

It’s nice to see Daniel Radcliffe in something very different from his previous roles, this time he tackles a romcom with Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) with Adam Driver from TV’s GIRLS plus recently cast in the new Star Wars movies. Looks pretty funny, and whats great about this is that it already looks like it has an Australian release date.

Med school dropout Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) is a hopeless romantic who’s been repeatedly burned, first by his parents in a traumatic divorce, then by his cheating ex. He’s put his life on hold, until he meets animator Chantry (Zoe Kazan) — who, unfortunately, is already in a relationship. Ignoring their attraction, the pair decide to remain friends, which turns out to be far more difficult than they imagined. It might seem odd that Mike Dowse (Goon, FUBAR) could make the year’s freshest and most winning romantic comedy, but then one should remember the genuine tenderness that underlay the horrifying mullets and beer-guzzling in those earlier films. Patiently allowing Wallace and Chantry to stumble towards recognizing their connection, and filling out the margins with a cast of intriguing secondary characters, Dowse and screenwriter Elan Mastai have made a rare romantic comedy: sensitive, contemporary, and most importantly very, very funny.

WHAT IF opens November 2014, take a look below.

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