Trailer – TV’s GOTHAM

Trailer – TV’s GOTHAM

The full trailer for the upcoming Fox TV Show GOTHAM has been released. The Tv show primarily focuses on Gordon’s early days on the Gotham Police Force but it also introduces a young Bruce Wayne and will also tell the origin stories of several Batman villains, including the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face and the Joker.

A new recruit in Captain Sarah Essen’s Gotham City Police Department, Detective James Gordon is paired with Harvey Bullock to solve one of Gotham’s most high-profile cases ever: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. During his investigation, Gordon meets the Waynes’ son, Bruce, now in the care of his butler Alfred, which further compels Gordon to catch the killer. Along the way, Gordon must confront gang boss Fish Mooney, as well as many of Gotham’s future villains, such as Selina Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot. Eventually, Gordon is forced to form an unlikely friendship with Bruce, one that will help shape the boy’s future in becoming the Dark Knight.

James Gordon will be played by Ben McKenzie who you might have seen more recently on TV’s Southland in which he was absolutely brilliant or go back a few more years on the TV show The OC.

No word on if it will be showing on Australian TV but I have a feeling it won’t be too long until one of them picks it up.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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