Transformers 4 in IMAX and new cast

Transformers 4 in IMAX and new cast


Michael Bay is in pre-production for the much anticipated TRANSFORMERS 4. With a scheduled release date of June 2014, the fourth TRANSFORMERS film will be set four years after the Chicago battle in THE DARK OF THE MOON.


With a fresh new cast, it makes sense to commence the film four years after the previous TRANSFORMERS flick ended. This would clear audience confusion as there would be no Shia LeBouf playing the ‘dreamy’ Sam Witwicky. Michael Bay, the Director, states “the story will have a very natural transition”. The cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci and Jack Reynor who is Irish. Bay discovered Reynor in an Irish film WHAT RICHARD DID and claims “This kid is the real deal”. It will be interesting to see how he performs under the direction of Michael Bay.


IMAX Corporation and Paramount Pictures have agreed to release five films in IMAX format this year. TRANSFORMERS 4 is one of those films and will be filmed using the IMAX technology and in 3D as well. Whether the film is shot on film or digital is unknown and a select few sequence of the film will be shot using this new technology. IMAX technology enables the image captured to have much greater quality. It also keeps the ‘crispness’ of the image and reduces pixelation when the film is projected onto a larger-than-normal cinema screen. 


The film is still in pre-production with filming planned to commence late May.

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