Tron – The Next Day – Flynn Lives Revealed

Tron – The Next Day – Flynn Lives Revealed

This hit the net earlier today and its quite the intriguing one.. I don’t think its quite official as yet and supposably its a special feature on the upcoming Blu-Ray release of ‘Tron Legacy’ which hits stores on the 20th April. Basically its the story the bridges the first Tron to Legacy but towards the end it sort of seems its the start of the third Tron film.

The footage shows a hacker called ‘Zack Attack’ who starts the “Flynn Lives” movement and goes through some footage including Alan Bradley o exand they also talk ex-encom staff. Now you all know I loved the film, yes it had flaws but its great when they go a bit above and beyond and make videos like this. It was also great to see a few of the actors from ‘Legacy’ re-aprise there roles for this 10minute video.

It has also reported that they filmed a trailer for the third Tron film which will feature as an easter egg on on the upcoming DVD release, I spose on the 20th April we will find out. Disney injected quite the truckload of cash into the Tron Franchise so I won’t be suprised if we do get to see an announcement coming up about the Third.

This is the description under the video. I don’t know how long it will be online for as it really doesn’t look like an official release, or maybe that was on purpose?

The first of the 2 fabled TR3N (TRON 3) teaser videos. This one is titled “The Next Day”, and is an official exclusive extra from the TRON: Legacy Blu-Ray. It explains the origins of the Flynn Lives organisation (who ran the ARG) and who was in charge of it, and what happens after Sam decides to take over ENCOM at the end of TRON: Legacy! Featuring the fabled scene with Dan Shor as Ram and Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley. The second TRON 3 teaser is reportedly a hidden Easter Egg in the DVD/Blu-Ray and will reportedly feature Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr.

Whats your thoughts on this? And are you excited about seeing another Tron Film?

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