Unfriended 2

Unfriended 2

For those that have seen Unfriended, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Universal have green lit a sequel before the film even finished its theatrical run.

The first movie, written by Nelson Greaves and directed by Leo Gabriadze, tells the story of six high school friends who receive messages on their computers from an unknown person claiming to be their deceased friend. Who killed herself a year before over an embarrassing video that was made public. What these friends originally think is a prank, quickly turns creepy when the unknown person insists they are responsible for publishing the video, and therefore must pay. 

Not only was Unfriended hailed by some critics as one of the most creative horrors of the year due to its concept, it also made 42 times its budget back. 

There is no news on which way Unfriended 2 will go but we do know that Greaves is already back to drafting the script. Helmed by low budget horror purveyors Blumhouse Productions, there is little doubt the sequel will be just as successful as the original. 

A 2016 release date is looking very likely.


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