Upcoming Pixar Movies

Upcoming Pixar Movies

Details of the next Pixar movie MONSTER UNIVERSITY were recently revealed at the D23 expo, but word has it there are another few exciting prospects for all us animation fans. Although still in the very early stages of development, Pixar have released two new and fairly bizzare concepts.

THE UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE ABOUT DINOSAURS, is obviously not going to be the final title, but at least provides us all we need to know about the content of the film. Essentially the gist is that (according to stills released a couple of years ago) there will be dinosaurs involved and also a young boy which may indicate that the meteorite never hit Earth and that Dinosaurs are still living among us. You will learn more in July 2013.

The second project to creep up is THE UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE THAT LETS YOU SEE INSIDE THE HUMAN BRAIN, now that is a doozy, but again it lets us know what the film will be about. I presume that they will somehow create an imaginative representation of how the human brain works, with some sort of witty narrative that is vaguely educational. There is alot of room in this concept to really branch out into some creative freedom,with exciting oppertunities in animation. Children everywhere will be getting excited about some science fiction animation come Spring 2014.

Although the Dinosaur concept seems dated and done before, Pixar always find a way to make anything they make original, interesting and emotionaly satisfying, I look forward to seeing what they can do and I very much look forward to whitnessing the inside of a human brain Pixar style.

Will keep you posted.