Vacation Reboots with Chris Hemsworth

Vacation Reboots with Chris Hemsworth

Warner Brothers have announced they are rebooting the old Chevy Chase National Lampoon Vacation movies. Cast your mind back to the 1980s and visualise the comedy franchise that saw Clark Griswold and family, from Chicago, having cross-country misadventures during various holidays. The franchise was created by writer/director/producer the late John Hughes.

Chase, as well as his screen wife Beverly D’Angelo, have signed on to appear in cameos as the original Griswold patriarch and matriarch. They have passed the comedy baton to the next generation. Ed Helms is set to play the Griswold’s grown up son Rusty. That’s right, Ed Helms from THE HANGOVER franchise and US The Office and not Anthony Michael Hall who was original recipe Rusty. We hear ya, AccessReelers.

Also set to join the cast are Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the upcoming HORRIBLE BOSSES 2. Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, whom you may know from such films as THOR, THE AVENGERS and THOR: THE DARK WORLD, will take on the role of Audrey Griswold’s husband. So for those of you playing at home, that means Ed and Liam will be movie brothers-in-law. Doubtless, Hemsworth will crush his new assignment. Those who have yet to see him in a non-Nordic god role should do yourself a favour and catch him in the part of James Hunt in Ron Howard’s RUSH (2013)

No date is yet announced for the premiere of the new Vacation film. Also no word on a reboot of the Ernest P. Worrell movies. Again, we hear ya, AccessReelers

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