W.A.Film BLAME to screen in Cannes

W.A.Film BLAME to screen in Cannes

The Western Australian feature BLAME will screen at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in the Cinema des Antipodes section, an official sidebar event that is part of the Cannes Cinephiles program. Writer-director Michael Henry film is a tense thriller set in the bush.

Synopsis: Seeking justice and revenge, five friends violently attack a man in his remote country house. Their plan: the perfect murder. Confident that their victim’s death by his own hand will not be questioned, they overdose him on sleeping pills, but it all goes horribly wrong when their attempt fails and their victim fights for his life.

In the aftermath, questions are raised about the true nature of the events leading up to the botched attack. As lies and secrets are revealed, the dynamic of the once-tight group shifts as the friends begin to question each other’s motives. As they move closer to the truth, the weight of their quest for justice drives them to a place of no return.

Producers Ryan Hodgson and Melissa Kelly will attend the festival and introduce the screenings and participate in Q&A’s with the audience. “BLAME features a mostly new and exciting ensemble cast and we are very pleased that the film is showcasing Australia’s first class acting talent at another major international film festival,” Hodgson said.  

BLAME will be released in Australia on 16 June, 2011

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