WA short to hit the Big Screen

WA short to hit the Big Screen

So what’s a short film? There are plenty of theories about what the ideal length of a short is. Some say under thirty minutes, others say under fifteen. Short basically means “shorter” than a feature length film. Shorts exist to train up filmmakers and sometimes we, the audience, get to see them in our edgier, artier cinemas.

West Australian filmmaker Stuart Bender has a reputation for making tough, stylish action shorts. These films are known for their blunt narratives and explosive post effects. Among Stuart’s influences are detective fiction, Sam Peckinpah movies and Ian Fleming novels. Tough imagery and spare story-telling is what he aspires to in his fast-moving films. His films have won national awards and screened in international festivals

Each of these short films is self-funded and made with the labour of a tight and dedicated group of actors and technicians. As Stuart says: “When you have the support of cast and crew who have the right chops for this demanding kind of filmmaking, it’s possible to make an action film that blows people away!”

Stuart has been making these action films for the last four years. His numerous projects BLIND, ASPHALT AND LACE and the LOVER BOY movies have gathered a solid online fan base. Now you can see his latest production DOUBLE CROSS in its full glory on the big screen.

Synopsis: When Kilgore wakes up he finds himself flat out on the beach with a bullet in his shoulder and a score to settle with the mob who double crossed him.

Date: Thursday May 26th
Time: 8.45pm – 10.00pm
Location: Belmont Reading Cinemas
Runtime: Doublecross (18 minutes) + bonus/surprise short film (8 minutes)
Cost: $10

Tickets will not be sold at the door, they can be bought from: http://guestli.st/55407

Check out the DOUBLE-CROSS trailer and sample other Stuart Bender films here: http://www.stuartbenderfilms.com/

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