Watch the full Mark Hamill Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Watch the full Mark Hamill Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Mark Hamill has finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past Thursday and honestly its about bloody time. 

I had always thought the studios just paid for the Stars as a bit of added promo for films etc BUT turns out I was crazy wrong its actually quite the process. It costs $30,000, someone has to nominate these celebrities this could be anyone from a publicist to a wealthy fan. Then, they must obtain that celebrity’s consent, as the nominee must sign a form stating that they want a star, and that they will attend the unveiling of it. Once the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes its final choices at an annual June meeting, the list is ratified by the group’s board of directors, and approved by the City of Los Angeles. The chamber they only pick about 24 a year out of about 300 nominations, thankfully Disney was nice enough to nominate Mark last year.  

Mark drew one of the biggest crowds in recent history for the special unveiling event. He was joined by Harrison Ford, George Lucas, R2D2, Billie Lourde, Kelly Marie Tran and nearly his entire family including his wife of 39 years Mari Lou their children, brothers and sisters.

Mark thanked the fans “You are with me through thick and thin, in the highs, in the lows, in everywhere in-between,” he said. “If it weren’t for the public, I’d be nowhere, and from Jedi to Joker and back again, it’s been a fantastic ride. Thank you so much and may the Force be with each and every one of you.” Hamill then let out the famous Joker laugh.

The day before the event Mark did a funny spot on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE which you can see below.

Enjoy watching the full Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony.


Video via Variety

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