We’ll Take Manhattan

We’ll Take Manhattan

The world’s first global short film festival is returning to Perth. For 16 years the Manhattan Short Film Festival has sourced clever shorts internationally. The festival’s home is Manhattan, however its organiser Nicholas Mason is a Fremantle born Australian.

This year’s festival has several very strong animations which push the envelope in terms of technique and quirky subject matter (IRISH FOLK FURNITURE). Some of the shorts are very of the moment in their concerns about contemporary mental health and loneliness (I AM A GREAT BIG BALL OF SADNESS (directed by Chris Tyler). Other like Alexandra Naoun’s French comedy NO COMMENT have strong, funny performances and are as light as a soap bubble.

Local audiences will want to get behind Australian Timothy Wilde’s #30 which reveals the nerve-wracking nature of an audition for a Shakespearian part. I predict the English short FRIDAY by Seb Edwards will have a powerful impact on audience. It’s a beautifully made and acted short which definitely punches above its weight.

So how are we Perthians going to see this excellent material this coming Friday the 27th of September? Well, the Film and Television Institute in Fremantle has got together with AccessReel and we are able to offer you a shot at winning a double pass.

Simply click here to discover the details.

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