Western Australian Comedy Premieres

Western Australian Comedy Premieres

If you’re a Western Australian filmhead,  then you will have heard about comic duo Henry and Aaron and their role in making the first situation comedy produced in this state. Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann are two up and coming filmmakers who won the national Movie Extra Webfest competition last year. Their prize was a $50,000 budget to write and produce a series of seven webisodes to be shown on Foxtel and online.

The series HENRY & AARON’S 7 STEPS TO SUPERSTARDOM premiered online yesterday and later moves to Foxtel’s Movie Extra Channel.

Henry and Aaron play characters called Henry and Aaron who are looking to become famous in Perth. Their Seven Steps is  a funny, surreal, satirical journey through showbiz, WA style. Their path is facilitated – and hindered – by their manager Danny ‘The Dynamite’ Danielson (James Helm).

If you want to know more about the Henry & Aaron experience, subscribe to their Facebook page, suss out their earlier work or see the first episode of their series, it is all available on their brand spanking new website henryandaaron.com

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