What’s happening with Kevin Smith? Movies…comics…podcasts…

What’s happening with Kevin Smith? Movies…comics…podcasts…

We have some big fans of Kevin Smith here at accessreel who follow his various projects with a keen interest. Smith always has something interesting going on juggling film, podcast and comic book projects from year to year.

On the comics side of things there is an adaptation of Smith’s unused script for a big screen Green Hornet film current being published by ‘Dynamite’ with artwork by Jonathan Lau.

Smith has previously tweeted that seeing his story coming to life through comics has caused him to think maybe it would have worked really well as a film. For anyone feeling like they missed out not seeing Kevin’s script come to life on screen, the comic adaptation is definitely worth while picking up.

Also in comics Kevin is writing a twelve issue comic book series called ‘Batman: The Widening Gyre’ with artwork by Walt Flanagan. The first six issues of the series are to be collected in a hard cover volume which is due to go on sale in December 2010.

This series is independent of current Batman continuity and can be read as an independent self-contained story. So anyone feeling unsure due to not being up to date on Bruce Wayne’s current adventure through time to reclaim the mantle of the bat following the events of ‘Final Crisis’, fear not, ‘Batman: The Widening Gyre’ can be picked up and read without any background knowledge necessary.

Kevin is also currently working on production of his long gestating film project ‘Red State’, which has been described as a ‘fundamentalist horror film’. John Goodman was recently announced as being cast in the film via ‘Smodcast’, the podcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Moiser. Other casting announcements have included Dermot Mulroney, Michael Angarano, Kyle Galiner, Stephen Root, Melissa Leo, and Michael Parks.

If you live in the Los Angeles area there is currently a public call for extras on ‘Red State’, you can find the details here. Red State is reportedly being produced on the very modest budget of $4 million.

Lastly Sirius XM (SIRI) Radio has announced via a press release (which you can read here) that it will be bringing the popular Smodcast program to its subscribers and in addition to this Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier will be producing a new monthly edition of Smodcast exclusively for the stations subscribers.

In the press release Sirius XM have stated that “Kevin Smith’s weekly show will be an uncensored, unscripted and unpredictable program on which he shares observations/musings on any topic on his mind: politics, sex, comic books, food, technology, religion and beyond.”

For anyone concerned about Smodcast being less accessible via the internet Kevin tweeted the following shortly after the announcement “#Smodcast will always be free. ALWAYS.”

So it sounds like we’ll still have the weekly internet episodes, this will be additional content for those who pursue it.

As usual there is heaps to enjoy and look forward to for Kevin Smith fans, for anyone who isn’t aware of his projects, I highly recommend you rent ‘Clerks’, and ‘Chasing Amy’, if you like those there is plenty more to check out.

Let us know your favourite Kevin Smith film in the comments section below! I’m going to get controversial and say I loved ‘Clerks 2’.

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